Robyn Webb (Halifax, Canada)

Director, SmartBusness and Labour Market Development

As the Director of Labour Market Development, Robyn leads the Partnership’s talent attraction and retention initiatives, including the Connector Program, as well as other programs such as the  Business Leaders’ Roundtable.

With a strong business acumen and considerable sales experience, Robyn has advanced communication skills that allow her to actively engage all levels of decision makers and build productive relationships with a diverse client base. Robyn has a solid background in Human Resources and Recruitment. She has an extensive background in promoting Nova Scotia as the best possible choice for North American and European companies looking to expand into Canada.

In 2012/2013, the Connector Program was replicated in 5 additional communities in Canada for a total of 14 programs. Over the next three years, Robyn has a national mandate to expand the program to 10 new Canadian Communities and three new industry streams. The program has also been adopted internationally by Saint Louis, Missouri, United States.

Robyn has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Nova Scotia.