Astrid Ziebarth (Berlin, Germany)

Director, Migration & Society, German Marshall Fund

Astrid Ziebarth is the Director of Migration & Society, and is based in the German Marshall Fund’s Berlin office. She coordinates the program development in the areas of research, networking, and leadership development in immigration, integration, and diversity. She is overseeing the three signature projects of the program: 1) the Migration Strategy Group on Global Competitiveness, a high level platform for key stakeholders to exchange on designing coherent policies for the recruitment of talent also considering the development of the sending country, 2) Transatlantic Trends Immigration (TTI), a public opinion poll on migration and integration in Europe and the United States, and 3) the Transatlantic Forum on Migration and Integration (TFMI), a young leaders network for professionals working on immigration, integration and diversity matters. In the past, she coordinated GMF’s grantmaking initiative, the Transatlantic Study Team on Climate Induced.