Berlin Neighbourhood Walks

Explore the city! Early registrants have the option of signing up for Berlin Neighbourhood Walks (June 5 evening) when they register for the conference. Limited capacity (register early!).
Neighbourhood Walks organized by Citizens For Europe.

Art and Neighbourhood
: Pankow (North East, East Berlin)
Topic of interest:
Contemporary Art, Architecture, Social Integration
A walk through the Pankow district offers participants a history of artist migration to East Berlin. This neighbourhood in transition integrates contemporary art into everyday local experience to promote intercultural dialogue and build community connection.
Bas Kools & Heather McKee (LocalSmarts UG)

Our Görli, Citizens Park
Görlitzer Park – Kreuzeberg (South East, West Berlin)
Topic of interest:
Public space, Community development, “Arrival city”, first generation
Görlitzer Park is the biggest public park in the district of Kreuzberg, home of the first generation of Turkish guestworkers and, today, a laboratory for community engagement. Their motto: “from users to residents.”
Sebastian Mehling (Europa-Universität Viadrina);  Iulia Blaga, Sister Mimi

From Urban Wasteland to Garden of Delight
Prinzessinnengarten (South, West Berlin)
Topic of interest:
Urban agriculture, Community development, Food, Community gardening
Participants will explore urban framing at its best – bee keeping, composting, seasonal cooking – and learn how local communities are involved in the project.
Svenja Netta (Prinzessinnengarten)

Berlin, Past and Present
Nikolaiviertel (City Centre, East Berlin)
Topic of interest: History
of Berlin, East-West Berlin, Diversity
An expedition to the heart of old Berlin explores the city’s past and present, asking questions about identity, diversity, reality and fiction as it examines built form and public space in  the city’s history and reconstruction.
: Elena Bastieri (OnElf),  Christian Wilhelm (OnElf), Boris Boekhoff (Technical University, Berlin)

Urban Youth at Home and School
Neighbourhood: Neukölln (South Berlin, West)
Topic of interest: Cultural Diversity, Education, Integration

Starting on “Herrfurtplatz”, the tour’s first stop is the intercultural centre Genezareth, a space for open dialogue between different cultures and religious from the district. The tour will move on to explore Campus Rütli where an innovative community school addresses integration challenges outside the classroom by creating a common social space for migrant students. The tour will be led by a “Stadtteilmutter” („neighbourhood mother“) from an award-winning city project that organizes neighbourhood mothers from Neukölln’s diverse communities to visit migrant families at home to offer advice on topics such as education, health and language.
Dr. Franziska Giffey, (Education, Culture and Sports at the City Council of Berlin-Neukölln for the Social Democratic Party); Cordula Simon, Commissioner for Europe for Education, Culture and Sports in the City Council Berlin-Neukölln.