Wallace Patrick Haumaha (New Zealand)

General Manager (Superintendent): Maori, Pacific and Ethnic Services, New Zealand Police National Headquarters

Wallace joined New Zealand Police in 1984 and has served as frontline officer, Criminal Investigation Bureau Detective and Officer in Charge of Community Policing in the city of Rotorua.  He received numerous commendations and established significant relationships and initiatives between Police and communities.  In 1996 he received the Queen’s Service Medal for services to the general community.

In 2007, Wallace was appointed as General Manager: Maori, Pacific and Ethnic Services.  He has developed cross-cultural capabilities within Police in complex situations.  This has increased the sophistication of Police investigations involving multi-cultural communities.  He is regarded as a trail-blazer, particularly in policing New Zealand’s indigenous Maori population over the past decade.

Wallace is a senior member of one of New Zealand’s largest state sector organisations.  He is one of five key advisors reporting directly to the Commissioner of Police.  He has the essential skills, operational capability, energy, passion and commitment and is well connected to the machinery of Government.  He is also Chair of Te Arawa Group Holdings, whose vision is to be a leader of economic advancement for the Te Arawa indigenous Maori community.

Wallace attributes his dedication and success to his loyal and supportive wife, Kim, and his five children.